Episode 105: Faking It - Reckless by Susan Sackett


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The real deal. The genuine article. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi to bonafide authenticity. But oftentimes a good knockoff does just fine. This week on Whoa!mance, Morgan and Isabeau investigate a scandal rocking the Parisian artworld in Susan Sackett’s 1993 adventure romance, Reckless. Delia Hampton just wants to be a good daughter, and when her father is blackmailed for his prodigious abilities as an art forger, our heroine decides to lay her body on the line. Enter Chase Sutton, a private investigator and gifted sexual awakener, who vows to protect Delia at all costs: even if it means putting her in certain danger. How do we rebuild trust after the mask slips? How soon is too soon when there’s wine involved? Who cares if it’s fake if it works right? Because ultimately, true value is something we made up. Just like everything else. Whoa!mance is a part of the Frolic Podcast Network

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