WIP 343: How This 20-Year-Old Cold Called His Way to 100k


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If you think you need to have years of experience under your belt to make it big in the wholesaling world, think again. Today’s awesome guest netted a 6-figure income last year and he’s just 20 years old!

Dylan Durrance is rockstar rhino from Alabama. The down-to-earth 20-year-old has been running a successful virtual wholesaling business that earns him an average of $35,000 to $40,000 per deal. In 2019 alone, he earned a total of $112,000 in assignment fees!

If you need to hear an inspiring story to kick off your new year, don’t miss today’s episode. Dylan’s wholesaling journey will not only motivate you, it will also help you move from a place of faith to a place of fact!


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