WIP 417: Your 90-Day Action Plan for Unstoppable Results - Days 15 - 19


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It’s time for another installment of the 90-day action plan for unstoppable results! If you’ve been religiously following this awesome series, then you’re most likely talking to leads now and creating a robust foundation.

However, if you missed days 1 - 14, go back and listen to them first. You have to keep in mind that the action steps provided will build on each other so it’s crucial that you follow them accordingly.

In today’s episode, successful real estate entrepreneur, rockstar wholesaler, and Mr. TTP himself shared another set of invaluable tips you can easily implement to move your wholesaling business forward!

Remember, now’s not the time to pause. On the contrary, now’s the perfect time to take action and implement new strategies so you’ll still thrive even during these trying times!


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