WIP 418: How to Become the Go-To Wholesaler in Your Market


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With all the crazy things going on, it’s easy to assume getting a deal done right now has become especially challenging. Not for today’s guest however. In fact, for March, he did a total of 4 deals and netted a whopping $72,000 in assignment fees!

Just like everyone else, Mike Kessler is also dealing with all the unique changes and challenges brought about by the pandemic. However, that didn't stop him from having a productive and highly profitable month!

In this episode, the hardworking and rockstar rhino candidly shared how he made all of those 4 lucrative deals happen—the marketing channels he used, the exit strategies he chose, and how much he earned from each of the deals.

Not only that, he also shared a lot of practical tips, strategies, and wisdom that has helped him succeed even with all the new changes and challenges going on. You’d definitely love today’s episode. It’s not one of Cody’s favorite episodes for nothing!


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