WIP 432: From Real Estate Investor to Successful Wholesaler


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Today’s guest is a real estate agent who eventually realized that when it comes to generating quick cash, wholesaling is the best way to go!

Jake Washburn is a successful wholesaler from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While he’s also a real estate agent, Jake discovered how lucrative wholesaling can be when he bought his first property in 2016.

Armed with knowledge and skills he has learned from podcasts and personal experience, he’s already setting up and automating his system so he can do more with less time and effort.

In this episode, Jake shared an insight into his wholesaling journey—how he discovered wholesaling, how he strikes the right balance between being a wholesaler and a real estate agent, and how and why he refinances his deals.

A selfless go-giver who likes helping others, Jake also shared the online resources he uses and the techniques that has helped him succeed. You’ll learn so many invaluable knowledge and wisdom in today’s episode, so don’t miss it!


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