WIP 438: 8 Deals a Month During COVID-19


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With all the drastic (and dramatic) changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, many wholesalers have chosen to play it safe and just halt operations for the time being. Today’s guest however did the exact opposite. If anything, it’s his boldness and consistency that has made him one of wholesaling’s unfaltering rockstars!

Bob Antonie is a wholesaling beast. And he does not play it safe when it comes to wholesaling. Rather than staying on the sidelines, Bob chose to double down on his efforts and stay consistent. The result? He closed 8 deals despite the current state of the market!

While the pandemic has brought about new and unique challenges for wholesalers, it’s no match for Bob’s relentless commitment and drive to succeed. So if you can use some motivation on how to get things done despite having a curve ball thrown your way, this episode is for you!


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