WIP 799: How to Extract Motivation from a Seller Like a Surgeon


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"Why does a seller over the phone need motivation?" you might ask. In this episode, Lauren Hardy will uncover useful tips on “How to Extract Motivation from a Seller Like a Surgeon”.

Well, when negotiating with sellers for their homes it can be difficult to get them motivated if they don't have any interest in selling and seem apathetic or even just hard-selling themselves into believing that no one will buy from someone who doesn’t seem interested at all.

Lauren suggests that a more friendly tone of voice would work well during these types of conversations because an excited customer makes others feel like there is potential money coming out of nowhere; this encourages people not only to bond but also to work together better than ever before. Lauren will give you tips on how to get more out of your conversations with sellers that are beneficial for building rapport and successfully closing deals.


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