WIP 800: How to Earn $120k Per Year Wholesaling Real Estate PART TIME


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You may have heard the phrase that real estate is "the best deal in town." That's because it can be your ticket to making money, even if you're starting. However, there are different strategies for buying and selling properties.

In today's podcast, Brent Daniels will be sharing how to maximize your profit on each deal properly. He notes the importance of allocating a certain amount of time weekly and staying committed to it - this way, you can avoid being too overwhelmed while working on your full-time job and have more money in the bank by knowing what works best for you.

Many people are under the misconception that real estate agents make a ton of money when it comes to wholesaling. The truth is, they only earn 10% commission on what you sell them for and if their property was already worth above average or starting point before negotiation began, there would be no profit at all. Brent, an expert in this field of business, willingly shares his perspective about the 10% rule on commission. This rule is an essential aspect of business that you can significantly benefit from. In this podcast, you will learn what should happen for this rule to really kick off, maximizing your earnings from every single deal you do.


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