Recovery: Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo take a deep dive into the WHOOP recovery metric--how it works, what it measures, using it to train smarter & more efficiently, plus tips for better recovery.


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VP of Performance Kristen Holmes and Director of Analytics Emily Capodilupo explain everything there is to know about WHOOP recovery, including how it's calculated (5:39), why heart rate variability is so important (6:25), an MLB study validating it (12:26), the impact of strain, rest and sleep (14:59), active recovery (18:18), why it may not match how you feel (22:01), how stress affects it (26:07), using it to optimize training (28:38), the value of auto-regulation (31:27), working out when you're in the red (32:09), self experimentation and factors that affect it (33:01), what to do to improve it (37:26), and why it's actually better if you're not always in the green (47:25).

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