Steve Weatherford, Super Bowl champion, entrepreneur, business coach and fitness expert shares how he became one of the NFL's strongest players as a punter, plus the philosophies that've helped him find success in life after football.


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Super Bowl champion Steve Weatherford discusses how he transformed his body in high school from a 108-pound freshman to a 225-pound senior (6:23), why NFL kicker and punter jobs are going to international players (8:42), discover, develop, deploy (11:48), managing his ADHT (18:52), the 4 things men rank their lives by (22:23), operating based on feelings or commitments (33:07), saving time each day for personal development (39:45), participating in Masterminds (41:21), hard work vs. relationships (42:35), high intensity, high humility (44:24), Everesting 29029 (51:43), and life lessons he discovered atop a mountain (57:27).

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