DaemonumX: Catholicism pt2


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In Part 2, Christine graces us with some explicit Catholic play stories. We discuss cilices, bloody bibles, corruption, possession, places to store a rosary, lesbian nuns, demon dildos, and mortification of the motherfuckin flesh! She offers a quick take on blood play, the inherent camp of vestments, and the inherent cannibalism of transubstantiation. // Daemonum X is a femme leatherdyke and lifestyle Dominant. She believes in BDSM as a form of spirituality and specializes in rope bondage and blood play. She is the founder and Editrix of FIST, an anthology zine for leatherdykes, as well as Linked, A Polyamory Zine. More of her words on BDSM and power exchange can be found in Them, Autostraddle, and Wussy Mag. DaemonumX lives in Brooklyn where she sometimes teaches and often performs.

You can follow her on social media @DaemonumX and buy zines at fistzine.com

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