James Collopy and Scout Boxall – Angiss and Julya Stone, Part 2


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Karen joins Angiss and Julya in the Californian desert for a smog-free psych sesh. Julya’s ‘little mouse’ voice is gone but her newfound ‘mongoose’ is creating difficulties for Angiss, both musically and emotionally. Over a bump of an unknown substance, Dr Kaz and the Stones explore chakras, insects and harmonies before getting a little lightheaded and calling it a night.

In this episode, Julya was played by Scout Boxall (@scoutboxall on Instagram) and Angiss was played by James Collopy (@james.collopy on Instagram).

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Artwork by Elyce Phillips: @elyce.phillips on Instagram and @ElycePhillips on Twitter.

Music by James Ward.

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