Episode 207: Talia Pollock - Conquering the Fear of Fully Showing Up Online


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Talia Pollock is an author and the founder of Party In My Plants.

In this episode, Talia and Amy Jo talk through Talia’s Why Not Now? Moment that came when she realized she was being recognized as “The Party In My Plants Lady” and not who she was as a person. You see, Talia is more than just that title suggests. She’s worked for David Letterman, College Humor, Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, and has performed comedy across New York.

Talia wanted people to know her as an actual person and not just her online business. The simple act of changing her Instagram handle to @imtaliapollock did just that.

Talia shares her tips and tricks for being creative on social media as well as her thoughts on the concept of “Instagram vs. Reality”. She talks about how responding to a question on a website led her to her first TV experience on The Rachel Ray Show, which is a story you won’t want to miss.

Talia discusses how her time in the Renegade Brand Bootcamp helped her open up and transcend WHAT she was to WHO she was as well as how working with Amy Jo helped her define her Brand Essence.

You’ll also get to hear Talia’s unique productivity tip, one that we’ve never heard on the show before.

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