Talk Hard (with Gabe Pacheco)


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Comedian Gabe Pacheco joins us to discuss Pump Up The Volume! Related topics include: hopescrolling, rebellious teens, Gen x, The Simpsons, The Beastie Boys, parasocial relationships, alienation & assimilation, Christian Slater, hippies, neo-lib education, juking the stats, the Satanic Panic, latchkey kids, libertarians, leftist shock jocks, the commodification of rebels, Hackers(again), Sylvester Stallone (the artist).... and stand-up comedy (of course). Follow Gabe & check out his shows! IG @ gabepac1 Twitter @ gabe_pacheco Funhouse IG @ funhousecomedy Eat Pray Judge: Ponzi Scream: While you're at it, review WYM on Apple Podcasts:…ad/id1476317902 Support us on Patreon: Follow us on Twitter: The pod: @ WhyYouMadPod Jake Flores: @ feraljokes Luisa Diez: @ luisadieznuts Why You Mad art by Eli Yudin Madness Dub by DJ Fake Gucci

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