Meet Henry, The A.I. Sex Bot Who Wants to Fix Loneliness


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Will we eventually reach a point in technology where realistic sex dolls can become suitable companions? This week, Joshua and Jordan speak with Erin Griffith, an investigative journalist who came face-to-face with Henry, a sex bot from RealBotix that could be a glimpse into the future of human companionship. RealBotix, founded by Matt McMullen, is working on creating the perfect realistic humanoid that McMullen claims is not just about sex. Once fully completed, Henry should be able to have in-depth conversations with his human counterpart, assuming that person can afford the hefty $12,000 price tag. But the hyper-sexualized dolls littering the RealBotix warehouse, and the fact that most of the people in the company are male, indicates there's still an issue with inclusion. So could sex bots like Henry be the cure for loneliness in the future, especially for women who are often forgotten in this field, or will our real-world biases and a male-dominated tech industry create the same issues that plague us today?

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