Episode 12 Part III: Infinity Train (Books 1-3)


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OWO? What's this?? A THIRD PART to the Infinity Train episode?? That's right folks - Bradley, Danni, and Tay are back once more to put the full cast of all three books of Infinity Train into a SBURB session! Join us as we get a ticket to ride one last time ;)

Content warning for: Some swearing; spoilers for Infinity Train books 1-3 as well as minor spoilers for The Adventure Zone: Amnesty; and an exorbitant amount of Randall.

Suggested Topics: Bad train puns; Speedrunning SBURB; Randall forms and consequences; Prince = Brad; Daisy-chaining SBURB Sessions; Tulip is the most important character in Homestuck; LARPing on call; Cain's turtle curse; I am forcibly escorted off the Infinity Train.

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