🌼 S2Ep25 : SoapNight Dedicated to Sharon Case & Jordi Villasuso  / CBS SCANDAL / Oscar Nightmare /


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🌼0S2Ep25 : SoapNight Dedicated to Sharon Case & Jordi Villasuso / CBS SCANDAL / Oscar Nightmare / Neverland Should Steven Spielberg have the right to demand that other streaming services not be allowed to submit their films to be nominated for an Oscar ?! Excuse me . . who made him God ?! All directors should be allowed to submit their films ! Over at CBS Studio's an actress was forced off set by being told she had to lose weight if she wanted to remain on the hit drama series of " Criminal Minds ! " This behavior is disgusting to say the least . More updates as they come in .. Finally .. The " Leaving Neverland " HBO Documentary was recently released upsetting many loyal & devoted Michael Jackson fans .. As a journalist I am calling B.S. What kind of parent leaves their child with any older man while sleeping in the same mansion let alone let the child supposedly sleep with MJ only to sneak out of bed to eavesdrop what's going on behind closed doors ?! I feel there's way too much that's not really being said .. I defend Celebrities who can't defend themselves ! Thanks for listening. See You On The FLIP SIDE ! BE Kind , Be Respectful , 💘 Love Each Other .. Tonight's Segment is Dedicated to Sharon Case Jordi Villasuso Daytime Fans

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