Off Roading - Joy In Any Circumstance (with guest speaker, Jacob Wirka)


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Is salvation about the things you don’t have to experience? Or is it more about Who and what you DO get to experience? Guest speaker Jacob Wirka points to the joy God provides through salvation and how it carries you through any circumstance!

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When was the last time you experienced spiritual off-roading? You know, those moments where life becomes bumpy and hard to navigate. Did you feel like you didn’t know how to get your spiritual life back on track? Did you feel like giving in?

You’re not alone.

The great news is that God’s Word is available to help you with all your spiritual off-roading experiences and can help you get back on the road to spiritual maturity.

If you’re looking for practical, Scripture-based steps on how to receive God’s Word, reflect on what it says, and respond in your own life, our Off-Roading: Devotions for Your Daily Bumps in the Road resource is a great place for you to start.

Off-Roading will help you apply the Scriptures to your life and learn to stand firm, stand faithful, and stand on God’s Word no matter what roadblocks Satan throws at you.

You can get a copy of this helpful booklet by giving a gift of any amount to Back to the Bible today. And when you do, your gift will be used to move other people closer to Jesus no matter where they are in their off-roading journey, and will also help them to find God's grace in their everyday struggles.

Will you help us get people back on the road in their spiritual lives?

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