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WYOO 015: Cam Burns – Essentially Keto

A lot has been happening in my world, and I’ve been busy building a Sakura Finance – finance businesses and I have been creating some cool partnerships. I cannot mention it to you yet, but once it’s official, I will let you guys up to date.

I recently embarked on the 28-day challenge and my business mentor set this challenge of meeting a stranger and taking a “selfie” with each one of them.

Now have you guys heard of a “bulletproof coffee” by Dave Asprey, I was first introduced to the “bulletproof coffee” by my old housemate BJ, shout out to you buddy. Anyways, for those of you who don’t know of “bulletproof coffee”, it is drinking black coffee mixing it with coconut or Bulletproof oil, and you also add organic grass-fed butter. Now if you mixed it together, you get this delicious goodness.

What the “bulletproof coffee” does is it introduces your body into intermittent fasting and gets your body into a Ketogenic state. Now my guest today, Cam Burns, is one-half of this great partnership and one of the creators of “Essentially Keto.”

Cam Burns was so fortunate to work with an imminent Australian businessman for nearly a decade and now entering the business world himself.

In this episode with Cam Burns – Co-creator of Essentially Keto, Cam and I discussed:

  • How “Essentially Keto” was born (4:26)?
  • Early in his career, Cam wanted to pursue computer science degree. However, his path changed as he works his way in becoming a hospitality professional to an entrepreneur (8:50). His work ethic has helped him in getting an incredible role of hospitality functions to a billion dollar company at the age of 23 years old (15:30).
  • Cam learns the real value and of “attention to details” and a genuine meaning of the phrase(18:05).
  • For ten years of working in different roles, Cam was able to impart the valuable lessons in life such as “Watch the cents and the dollars will take care of themselves”. (19:15 ) “Ability to trust in other people” (20:26). “Learn to Travel”(21:15) and even the value of “Family” (23:57).
  • What inspired him to move from ten years of working to become an entrepreneur(26:40)?
  • The last words of wisdom he received when he parted the company – “It’s a big world out there, be careful. Don’t underestimate the world and good luck” (29:20).
  • Cam teams up with his work colleague, Edit Whitelaw (32:30) a chef, and now business partner, together they created the “Fat Bombs” a high-fat Ketogenic diet (34:40). This Ketogenic bar is packed with such good ingredients and nutritious fats (40:30) that feed the body without carbohydrate and sugar.
  • Now that Cam’s created Essentially Keto (46:34), what else do we expect as he digs deeper into Ketogenic products?

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The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey

Introduction to KETO

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“It’s a big world out there, be careful. Don’t underestimate the world” Cam Burns
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