The Daily Wrap: 11.12.19


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03:20 - Another SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches an additional 60 mini-satellites, adding to the growing web of universal wifi routers in low orbit. 06:33 - Gregory responds to a few financial comments made by President Trump today at the New York Economic Club. Knowing where the President is heading gives you a chance to position yourself better for the future, and there is plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the economy. 11:54 - Gregory shows some love for Mosquito Joe, gives a quick update on a secretive spacecraft that finally landed after almost two years in orbit. 14:39 - Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was on 60 Minutes, and Leslie Stahl was breathlessly begging for Jamie to say something negative about the economy. When slagging the economy didn't work, she hit him with anti-billionaire questions. 30:20 - Gregory takes a look at the evolving international oil markets, and reports on how the continuing shale boom is giving America's oil industry a leg up on OPEC and Russia.

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