WGL-Bonus: Shawn Chhabra- Getting Organized for Better Time Management


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Shawn Chhabra- Getting Organized for Better Time ManagementYou may not realize it, but you are actually going to add more time to your day if you work at getting organized. This is something that causes a lot of people to stand up and take notice. When you consider that the benefits outweigh the work that you put into all of this, it’s well worth it to work at your time management skills. Becoming a more organized individual can add so much to your life that you will wonder why you never did this before.Though many argue that getting organized takes too much time out of their day, you stand to gain so many wonderful benefits that it’s well worth it. Sure you are going to have to put forth some effort and some time into all of this, but it shows itself in true productivity. You won’t feel stressed, you will improve your health, and therefore the investment into your well being is worth it alone. You Add Time and Energy To Your Day—Plus So Much MoreIf you don’t believe that time management and organization can benefit you, here are just a few ways that show differently. The initial investment of time into getting organized will far outweigh the drawbacks—and you will come to see that these benefits are immeasurable.• Your mental well being will improve when you are organized: You start to feel more energized and more focused when you get organized. It’s almost as if there is more of a purpose to your day. You are much happier, balanced, and relaxed because you know that you have a plan by which to get it all done. Though it does take effort to get organized at first, you will start to see that the benefits to your state of mind and mental well being make it totally worth it.• Your physical well being will become remarkably better as your stress level will be down: You no longer feel as though you are literally carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You are relaxed in every sense of the word and that really improves your physical health. You are able to stand with better posture, you don’t get the anxiety that you used to, you no longer have stomach aches, or any other health problems that the stress was causing you before. This is how it all works when you can cope each day, be productive, and don’t feel that all too familiar stress that you are used to.• You will actually be able to get more done as you have a path to work towards: Creating your own path towards productivity means that you get more done in a day. You are essentially buying yourself more time, strange as it sounds. This results in you having a better capability to handle what comes your way. You are also more adept at working through challenges that come up unexpectedly. You get more done when you have a plan, and though that plan may take some time out of your schedule it’s going to pay off big time. You need to plot out that path and that’s where some good organization really comes into play.• You maximize your day and have added priority and structure to your plan of attack: From the start of your day to the finish, you have some sort of structure to work within. This framework helps to keep you on track and ensures that you have something to guide you. In so doing this you also attach priorities to each of the items on here and really have some great ideas of how to get everything done within a day. Though this may have sounded like a daunting task in the past, it no longer is because now you have it all spelled out for you. The “to do list”, the time savers, and all of the ideas and priorities of what you need to get done each day will all contribute to this in a very positive way. The investment of time to get organized and be productive ultimately ensures that you maximize every ounce of your time, and this is what helps you to work towards short and long term goals. This will create a much healthier, happier, and balanced lifestyle in the end—therefore showing that organization really pays off in the long run!

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