WGL-Bonus: Shawn Chhabra Keeping With Good Time Management Habits Moving Forward


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SHAWN CHHABRA- Keeping With Good Time Management Habits Moving Forward







WGL-Bonus: Shawn Chhabra Keeping With Good Time Management Habits Moving Forward

You are in control of your destiny! Now you see that there are so many wonderful ways to get organized and to really take back your time. You can plan for your life and get organized, it just takes a bit of work along the way. Even if you have a bad day or feel particularly unproductive, it’s important to just keep up with the good habits that you have learned and make them your own.

You are going to learn some things along the way and work through changes that work for YOU specifically. This is nothing to model after somebody else as this is a completely individual journey. You will make mistakes, you will have bad days, life will throw you some curve balls that you are unprepared for—but in the end having good time management and organizational skills will help you to overcome it all!

Keep It All Together and Work Towards Your Own Personal Success

It all starts to come together when you put your plan into action. When you can see that your hard work is coming together and that you make it through a day with greater productivity, then this is where the true investment into yourself pays off. Here are some guidelines and ideas to help you to keep up with your good time management skills and habits moving forward.

  • Recognize that you are a work in progress and that’s okay: You are not perfect, nobody is. You are going to have to work at this, and some days harder than others. You are going to learn a lot along the way and as you make mistakes you are going to learn from that. Sure sometimes all of this planning can feel rewarding and other times it will feel frustrating. Just know that for everyone it is a work in progress, and it will all come together. You will have more success than frustration, so just feel motivated and focus on the positive to keep yourself moving.

  • Learn to enjoy life but know that things often won’t go according to plan: Above all you need to learn to relax, which will come easier when you are organized and more productive. It sounds counterintuitive but having this structure will enable you to relax a bit and to enjoy the things that come your way. Know that sometimes you can’t plan for things and that the unforeseen can happen, and be proactive in developing a strategy to work past that. Be ready to take on whatever comes your way, work at having a plan that works well for you, but do take the time to enjoy life as it comes too.

  • Keep finding specific habits and tools that help you to work better: You are going to find apps that you love and then they may become a bit tired after awhile. You are going to feel tempted to try the latest organizational trend, and that’s okay. Keep working at your productivity and know that this is all part of fine tuning it. If you can continue to improve upon your habits and use the right tools and methods to get you there, this means it’s all working and coming together the way it’s intended to. Whatever helps you to work smarter and be more productive is what it’s all about in the end!

  • Plan ahead and learn what it means to manage your time specifically: Creating a schedule, carving out time for each of your daily activities, and learning what it means to take charge of your day is what it’s all about. Plan for the important tasks, prioritize each task, and go into each day with a sort of structure that will help you to get through it all. Manage your time, take it back, and use it to make you more productive and effective. This is going to look different for everyone, but if you can stick with it then you can really enjoy the journey much more along the way!

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