WGL-Bonus: Shawn Chhabra-Lack of Time management and Stress- Why Your Lack of Time Management Is Working Against You


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Shawn Chhabra-Lack of Time management and Stress- Why Your Lack of Time Management Is Working Against You

Do you feel stressed each and every day? Do you often feel as though you can’t possibly get everything done? Are you worried or anxious often? If some of these common signs sound familiar to you, then this is how a lack of time management can start to get to you after awhile. Not only can it work against your ability to concentrate and be productive, but it can also create a negative impact to your health as well.

If you feel as though you are working hard but never getting anything done, then it’s time to take notice of that. When your lack of time management and organization is creating a negative impact in your life, it can often feel as though you are running in place and not getting anywhere. Does this sound familiar? You’ve dealt with this heavy weight on your life for long enough, now it’s time to make positive changes.

Not Effectively Managing Your Time Can Hurt You In Many Ways

Though you probably don’t realize it as you are deeply ingrained in the daily activities, all of the stress and strain each day is taking a toll on you. There is a very direct connection between poor time management and health problems, but we don’t notice this until it’s too late. If you keep at this pace and you keep running in place, it’s going to cause bigger problems in your life than what you are experiencing now.

This isn’t meant to scare you per se, but rather to help you to work through these issues a little bit at a time. This is intended to point out what lack of time management looks like and what problems it may cause. The stress can become too much and often it all spirals out of control—and this book is intended to help you proactively ensure that never happens!

If you are lacking time management in any capacity then it may seem as though you can get it under control. Usually though it starts with a general lack of control, manifests into stress and worry, then becomes a constant fear that results in lack of productivity, lack of focus, health problems, and even depression.

This just goes to show that the way in which you manage your time can be tremendously important. So if you never realized the value of time management before, it’s time to get a hold of this and to use it to help you move towards a better future—it’s time to break the cycle once and for all and I will help you to do just that!

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