WGL-Bonus: Shawn Chhabra - Outsourcing for Better Time Management


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Shawn Chhabra-Outsourcing for Better Time Management

Outsourcing helps save you time in the long run. After all, that is what this book is all about. If you do not have the resources in your company and you need to get a project completed then outsourcing to the right person can set your mind at ease. By outsourcing to one person or three different individuals to get small projects and research done will free up your time to manage and focus more on the core items. You are not taking on another employee full-time or even part-time which will save money as well. You want to make sure you know what you are getting in return. Check around and make sure the person is well qualified and experienced in what it is you are depending on them to do. Let them know exactly what it is you need completed and if there is a specific time frame in which the project or task needs to be finished and back to you.

What are the true benefits of outsourcing?

  • Better Services
  • Less Expensive
  • Faster Productivity

Outsourcing is used by big companies as well as small companies or even individuals. These days, a lot of companies use overseas sources and development teams that complete tasks and jobs to deliver quality products or services. You want to have a great contact list of qualified and dependable people that can get the job done in an efficient, satisfactorily and timely manner.

You know you cannot possibly get everything done by yourself. Whether you need flyers, a new website, videos created, a marketing campaign or whatever the project may be you want to find someone who is good at that particular job.

  1. Focus

If you can outsource certain tasks then you can focus on your specific challenges and goals for the company. You would be able to avoid distractions that may pop up if you need to research and find something on the internet by simply giving the job to your outsource specialist with the full understanding that they will have the information to you at a certain time and within budget.

  1. Time efficiency

Find one person to do one thing and another to do something totally different. With each person doing their own thing, the specialist can get it done at a greater speed, with better dexterity and productivity.

  1. Cost

While you cannot complete all of the tasks that need to be done by yourself, you can have a small team of outsourced individuals to call upon when needed. This will save you time, money and headaches because you are able to focus on other more important tasks and new endeavors that may come up. Your ultimate goal is to save money and have a much needed project completed when you want it.

  1. Expertise

We have certain skills that we are good at and others, well not so much. When you find a dependable individual(s) with whom you can rely on for their knowledge and expertise then you need to keep them close. While you may have to vision for a new idea or project, someone else can provide the know how to bring it to life efficiently and effectively.

  1. Market Knowledge

If you have an outsourced guru who is in the know with all the latest trends and regulations that is a critical factor in enabling your business to succeed. They will know where to get valuable information and keep you up-to-date to develop the kind of business you envisioned.

  1. Overhead

This is relatively plain and simple. Yes you will need key employees on a daily basis to help with your business, but you do not need or want to hire to many workers as this will drive your overhead costs up. Not only that, but they would require hardware and equipment, desks, computers, training, telephones, etc…

With outsourcing all you will need is to call or e-mail the individual(s) and let them know exactly what you need and when.

  1. Multi-platform

When there is growth in new segments, it is beneficial that your growth expands through multi-channels and multi-platforms. Being able to outsource to specialist with this niche can help grow and spread your business to new audiences.

  1. Scope

While we have learned valuable skills in specific tasks over time, it is a must that we have others around us who can help with the broader scope of things: everything from start-up to product creation to design to development to marketing. If we limit ourselves to only working with certain knowledge and skills that we have, trying to expand and grow the business can be limited and restricted. We may miss out on new discoveries and developments in our fields. By combining our skills and working with our go-to specialists who are more knowledgeable and current on what is going on in the marketplace the scope of the business can steadily grow and increase revenue.

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