WGL-Bonus04: Shawn Chhabra- Branding Yourself Through Publishing, Get-Published-Get-Noticed


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Shawn Chhabra- Branding Yourself Through Publishing, Get-Published-Get-Noticed

WGL-Bonus04: Shawn Chhabra- Branding Yourself Through Publishing, Get-Published-Get-Noticed

Branding yourself is nothing more than having name recognition as an expert. You need more than talent to get ahead. Putting in hard work is good, but by becoming an expert author you have already branded yourself. The challenge was there and you took action to achieve the results that you wanted. You became the expert and authority.

Your brand is your reputation, your calling card, and the very essence of who you are. A good solid brand helps you to be successful. Think of some of the most well known brands that you know and use in everyday life—they all started with an idea or a concept or a product and then transformed into something much more than that. The same can hold true for your own personal brand, you can become that household name or authority that others look to in a really unique way.

To Establish Your Brand a Book Is an Excellent Tool to Use

A book is the best marketing tool to demonstrate to the masses what you can do for them; how you have achieved great success from simply branding your name and getting it out there. You will be able to show the hottest concepts in today’s market as well as the biggest trends in your business industry. So if you want to unlock the true potential of your own personal brand, it all starts with a great book to boost your reputation and increase awareness.

Your brand is what establishes you in the market place. Chances are you’ve already made some strides towards establishing a brand if you have undertaken any marketing. Even if you have just worked hard at generating leads and tried to gain new business, you have worked at building or establishing a brand. So this is simply a matter of taking things to the next level, and that matters greatly in the big picture and your ability to market yourself and your business—and the book that you create will help you with this in a whole new way!

Publishing A Book Is Your Main Branding Strategy

Not only will readers want to become your clients, but the competition will look at your success and try to emulate it. You have already gone through the challenges, climbed up from the bottom and now your book will allow others to see all that can be done to be a great success story. You want people to look to your brand when they have a problem or service they need that you can assist with. Convey your clear vision and mission along with your hardcore values to enlighten others.

You are the brand, you are the authority, and you are the person that others want to look to. If this is already happening in everyday life for you, then you know how this feels. If it is something that you still need to explore or solidify, then nothing will build your brand quite like publishing your own book. Admittedly it’s a huge step, but a really amazing one when it comes to fruition. You are in control of building your brand through this extensive step, and so it’s time to progress with it.

By thrusting yourself into doing due diligence and making your mark in the business industry, you have exemplified a creative way to enhance your business and brand yourself accordingly. Focus on your marketable skills, as this will always serve you well. Personal branding will get you seen and noticed by others as an instant expert. You don’t want others to rebrand you, so once you build your brand you must stay committed to strengthening and protecting it.

Build trust with your customers, engage them, give them what they want and need, be unique and honest to show you care. Your whole brand has to start consistent and stay consistent no matter what. Remember your brand is your business!

Being A Published Author Means…





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