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Shawn Chhabra- Learn How to Overcome Sugar Addiction - A Sugar Buster Super Detox DietAccording to many studies, the average American will eat around 19 teaspoons of sugar per day. That is just a bit less than 1/2 cup measure of sugar every single day! That also translates to 285 calories per day as well.Obviously, this means that by cutting sugar calories out of your diet you can start to shed a few extra pounds in only a short amount of time. However, and this is a pretty substantial "however", there are a lot of ways that sugar sneaks into the diet and causes a lot of trouble besides weight gain.For instance, there are foods that have the same effects of plain, old fashioned sugar. These foods also increase "blood sugar", trigger the production of certain hormones, and cause a reaction in the brain that is the same as consuming sugar. These foods are known as "simple carbohydrates" and eating them can cause you to crave more sugar, gain weight, and even experience some of the emotional impacts of a high sugar diet.Examples of them include processed sugars such as corn syrup and pastas, or whole foods such as potatoes or rice.The interesting thing to know is that sugar and foods that create similar effects in the body can cause you to enter into a very fixed pattern or cycle. This is a cycle that is defined by craving and consuming sugar, feeling highs and lows caused by the body's reaction to sugar, and by weight gain due to the storage of empty sugar calories. Some call it a sugar cycle, but many health and food experts call it part of SAD or the Standard American Diet.It is a pattern you may have unwittingly entered into early in life, and yet it is one that can be broken. In fact, it should be broken simply because sugar is a remarkably unhealthy material to consume. It is not natural - even when packaged as organic or "all natural" because it has to be heavily processed to reach the "sugar" state. That means it is void of most nutrients.The biggest problem with eating sugar, however, and this applies to an enormous number of people, is that it becomes an addiction. You really can develop an eating disorder or really challenging eating habits associated with sugar. This might mean:• You lose control of yourself as soon as you eat sugary foods;• You go from not hungry to starving in only short periods of time;• You feel badly or "low" if you don't eat some sort of sugar every day - this can include "brain fog" or fatigue, to sadness and anxiety;• You reach automatically for a sugary or starchy food when tired or feeling an energy low; or• You feel really shaky when you don't consume sugary foods during the day.Additionally, a major sign that you are addicted to sugar is the fact that you just cannot seem to lose weight. This is often due to the fact that you are a sugar cycle eater who is relying on carbohydrates from sugar for energy rather than your body's preferred fuel - healthy fat.Often, all of these issues are due to one thing - you are struggling to shake sugar or carbohydrate addiction.A New BeginningThis book is going to introduce you to the basics of sugar addiction, and then walk you through a simple "detox diet" that will cut your sugar cravings for good. The diet will work in the simplest way possible - you will cut out all forms of simple sugar and carbohydrates for a very fixed period of time. After that time has come and gone, without you slipping up and eating sugar, you will find that your old sugar habit has been slain or at least dramatically reduced.Naturally, you are going to experience a lot of different things during a detox period, including some rapid weight loss, some serious challenges in terms of energy and emotions, and some radical dietary changes. For example, if you are used to a bagel and OJ for breakfast, you might have difficulty adjusting to an egg white omelet and bacon instead. You might wonder where you'll get energy without the "zip" that comes from a straight shot of sugary sweet OJ. Here's the thing: the fat and protein in the bacon give you pure energy in the form of dietary fat while that juice gives your body a fairly harmful blast of sucrose and glucose that it won't manage that well. This is why you'd be pretty tired mid-morning after that OJ and bagel, but why you'll feel clear headed and pretty energetic after that egg and bacon.However, once you break the sugar cycle, you will really start to crave this new diet because of the way it makes you feel - and look.During the true sugar detox, you will be able to cleanse the body of a lot of stored carbs, improve the rate of your metabolism, and establish a set of new and healthier habits. So, let's start with a look at the "how and why" of sugar addiction and the reasons that this cycle is tougher to break than one might think.“If we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with.” ? Deepak Chopra

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