Ep. 309: What Happens When You Kill the World Record Whitetail?


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Today on the show we chat with a Wired To Hunt listener, Luke Brewster, who killed the largest deer ever killed by a hunter last year. And we find out what happens when an everyday average deer hunter gets struck by whitetail lightning. Is it a positive experience or toxic?

Topics discussed:

  • Why we're chatting about the world record whitetail today
  • This is NOT a glorification of antler inches
  • An extended review of Dan Johnson's 2019 mule deer hunt and lessons learned from this impactful experience
  • My final parting words before leaving for my backcountry canoe-in whitetail hunt in the Boundary Waters
  • How Luke got into hunting as an adult and how Wired To Hunt helped
  • What led Luke to Illinois and his pursuit of mature bucks
  • How his hunt for the world record whitetail unfolded
  • What happens in the hours after shooting a deer of this caliber
  • How the game warden got involved
  • The impact of social media after the hunt
  • Dealing with media attention
  • How do you set hunting goals for the next year after a hunt like this?
  • Was killing the world record whitetail a positive experience or negative?
  • Lessons learned from this experience about hunting and the culture of hunting

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