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It’s time to disrupt the trend of chronic illness in the next generation of kids. Hilary Boynton has a bright idea for achieving this goal. Hilary is the head of nutrition services at The Manzanita School in Topanga, California, and she is the author of the “Heal Your Gut Cookbook.” Her plan is to reinvent the “Lunch Lady" and the very lunch she serves up. Her mission is to truly nourish children and she is training up a new wave of lunch leaders to do just that. She talks to us about how she and her team approach the lunches they make at their own school, how they follow Wise Traditions guidelines for nutrient-dense meals, their relationship with the local farmers, how they inspire the kids to try the food they make and more. This conversation challenges all of us to become a part of the change we want to see in the world. Hilary reminds us of what’s at stake and the power of just one meal to turn things around.

For info on the "Lunch Leader Intensive", go to slowfoodventuracounty.org. You can find Hilary on Instagram @liveyumyum.

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