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Sadly, modern living is often grossly out of balance with nature, resulting in poor health, poor soil health, biodiversity loss, and trauma to indigenous communities.We are decidedly not living harmoniously with the world. We’ve cleared 2/3 of the earth’s surface and killed one billion species.

How can we restore nature’s balance? And what can we learn from Aboriginal Australians’ way of life?

Dr. Geraldine McGuire has spent the better part of her life restoring a rainforest in in North Queensland, Australia. She is an environmental and agricultural scientist, and the founder and director of Rainforest Bounty.

As a scientist, and as a human being, she has grown in her understanding of what it means to live harmoniously with the planet and with people. In today's conversation she reflects on the urgency to live differently. She talks about what she's learned from life in the rainforest and from the original inhabitants of the area. She describes plants and fruits native to the region, and mixed-species farming, an indigenous practice that has often been overlooked.

Restoring humanity through restoring the earth is a concept from the Aboriginal community that she has embraced. And she guides us all on how to incorporate this approach into our day-to-day lives.

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