#200 Top 5 health hacks


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Hilda Labrada Gore, known as Holistic Hilda, is normally the host and producer of this show. Today, in honor of hitting the two million download mark, we turn the tables and invite her to impart her top health hacks as a guest on the program.

Hilda has traveled extensively, exploring wise traditions. She has conducted over 200 interviews for this podcast. She is a certified integrative nutrition health coach and an ACE-certified fitness professional.

On this episode, Hilda shares her tips for improving energy and overall well-being. She tells her own journey and the story of the birth defect that jeopardized her health from the start. She offers insights on the power of sunlight to improve sleep and hormonal function, gives suggestions for how to transition to a more ancestral diet, and reveals the daily physical and spiritual practices that give her perspective and strength.

For more from Hilda, visit her website holistichilda.com.

For more on our guest host, Marisa Moon, visit her website marisamoon.com.

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