#201 Anxiety, allergies, & food sensitivities


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Growing up, Jo Whitton suffered with poor health. She had food intolerances, histamine reactions, frequent colds, and more. As she grew older, her problems increased, and she noticed that her children struggled with similar issues. When her 11 year-old son began to develop strange phobias, extreme anxiety and other mental health concerns, Jo began to look for answers, like never before.

Today, Jo is a popular author and speaker and the podcast host of "A Quirky Cooking Journey." She and her family have reversed the trend of poor physical and mental health and Jo shares their story to help others do the same. Through the GAPS (Gut and Psychology) diet, she turned things around and now she lectures around the world about the importance of gut health.

On this episode, we cover the many symptoms of poor gut health--ranging from OCD to anxiety to allergies to constipation to diarrhea to arthritis, and more--along with how to begin the journey of healing the gut with nutrient-rich foods.

For more from Jo, visit her website: quirkycooking.com.au.

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