#202 What you don't know about ferments


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Fermented foods are SO popular right now: from kimchi to kombucha to kraut to kefir. But do they live up to the hype? Why are they thought to be so good for us? Can you ever eat too much of them? What does die-off look like? Which are the best ones to incorporate into our diet?

In front of a LIVE audience in Southern California, fermentation experts Monica Ford and Elaina Luther answer a wide variety of questions related to ferments. Monica is an ancestral cuisine chef, who launched Real Food Devotee, the first ancestral cuisine delivery service in the country. Elaina Luther is the founder of Culture Club 101, a "beyond organic" nourishing café, specialized grocery store, and community learning center.

Together, with fun and flair, they explore the myths & little-known truths about ferments. How do they boost our health exactly? Which help to fight eczema? Which fight fungal infections? Is it true that eating ferments counterbalances the carcinogenic effects of grilled meats? And what’s the deal with kombucha? Is there too much sugar in it for it to do us much good?

Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about the subject, Monica and Elaina bring up some surprising revelations about these ancient, nearly magical foods.

For more from Monica, visit her website: realfooddevotte.com.

For more from Elaina, visit cultureclub101.com

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