285: Foraging the Wild Food around Us


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Nature consistently provides an abundance of wild edible foods all around us—whether we live in the city, the country, or someplace in between. Samuel Thayer, author of “Forager’s Harvest” and “Nature’s Garden," is a foraging educator and wild food gatherer who began “survival camping” at age 14.

Today, Sam introduces us to the many foods growing underfoot--from ferns to flowers to what we call "weeds." He tells stories of his adventures foraging and offers insights into the story of Chris McCandless, whose story was told in the movie "Into the Wild." Sam describes the bounty of his own pantry replete with wild walnuts, hazelnuts, wild rice, ramps, and plums. And he inspires us to explore the benefits and beauty found in a diverse, local diet, like that of our ancestors.

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