303: Food With Stories


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The food on your plate came from somewhere. Do you know its story? What about the story of the people who prepared it? Or those who first foraged for it in your area? Today, Sean Sherman, the author of The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen cookbook, calls us to open our eyes to what’s behind our food, and who.

He discusses the wonders of local fruits, vegetables, and herbs first cultivated and eaten by indigenous people. He also explains why lawns are stupid, the importance of food awareness, and how to grow in food sovereignty. He shares his hopes for the latter and talks about what he and his team are doing about it: they are currently preparing 10,000 meals per week for communities in the Minneapolis area. And they have bigger dreams still: imagine fields and forests planted with native fruits, vegetables, and herbs for everyone to enjoy. This is Sean's vision for the future of indigenous tribes, as well as people around the globe.

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