#195 Feet first


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Plantar fasciitis, back, knee, and leg pain all seem to be nothing out of the ordinary these days. And yet, up until roughly 50 years ago, we walked with little complaint. That’s when modern shoe companies began designing footwear with so much padding and arch support that—instead of allowing our feet to flex, bend and move—they have unintentionally weakened our muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Steven Sashen, the co-founder of Xero Shoes, a minimalist footwear company, makes a case for why we need a more ancestral, natural barefoot experience. Today, he talks about the problems most footwear creates, the challenges of transitioning back to bare feet (or minimalist footwear), and why not all shoes called “barefoot” shoes are good for us. He also tells stories (including his own) of those who have benefited from the freedom and fun found in allowing our body to do what is natural—namely, giving our feet the freedom of connecting with the ground, unhindered.

For more from Steven, visit his website, xeroshoes.com.

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