#196 Hold hands with the earth


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John Arbuckle of Singing Prairie Farms is a 9th generation livestock farmer. Today, he helps us take a deep dive into the heart of regenerative farming practices. He explains how we need to see soil differently, as a living entity that we must nurture and respect.

His family has been farming for the last 300 years, and they've learned a thing or two along the way. In this conversation, John shares their accumulated wisdom. He discusses how recent droughts, flooding and even wildfires are related to our disconnect with the land. He contrasts regenerative agriculture to the industrial model of farming and explains how good the former is for the planet. And he invites us all to "hold hands with the earth" and take part in regenerating the soil, whether we are farmers or not.

For more from John, visit his website, singingprairiefarms.com.

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