#198 The buzz on bees & honey


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Why are bess disappearing? What contributes to "colony collapse disorder?" Do we need bess to survive as a human race? And what about honey? Why is it so hard to find the real deal? And are we consuming more than we should?

Beekeeper and teacher Leo Sharashkin answers these questions and more. Leo learned beekeeping from his uncle in his native Russia. Today, among other things, Leo offers his theory on why we have a dying bee population. He describes what wild beekeeping looks like. And he addresses the question of honey adulteration (why not all honey on the shelves is true honey).

By the end of the conversation you'll gain insights on bees, honey, and how Leo lives out the theme of the book he edited "Keeping Bees with a Smile."

For more from Leo, visit his website: horizontalhive.com.

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