#205 The oldest foods on earth


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The Aboriginal culture is one of the earth's oldest. What did these indigenous people eat to survive over 60,000 years in the harsh climate of Australia? Australian author John Newton explores this subject in his book "The Oldest Foods on Earth."

His own curiosity got piqued when he tried kangaroo for the first time. It dawned on him that it was actually the first time he had ever knowingly consumed a native Australian food. That moment led to his interest in, and advocacy for local, traditional foods.

Today, John shares with us some of the stories behind his books, which describe the history of traditional foods and recipes, along with resources for finding these foods. He also discusses our penchant for foreign "super foods" over foods closer to home, insights into the complicated relationship between indigenous people in Australia and European Australians, and the growing movement to embrace indigenous food worldwide.

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