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The Impossible Burger. The Beyond Burger. Lab meat. All of these are touted as healthy alternatives to the real deal: a beef burger. Today, Sally Fallon Morell, the head of the Weston A. Price Foundation makes a case for including animal products in our diet.

As Sally goes over the highlights from the fall Wise Traditions journal, she goes in-depth, explaining why pseudo meat is a poor substitute for real meat. Their cheap and highly-processed ingredients (including soy, pea protein, artificial flavorings, and colorings) make for an unhealthy choice for us and for the planet.

In this episode, Sally also touches on the importance of mitochondrial health, “gentle cooking,” and the dangers of ultrasound technology and even microwave ovens. The conversation, overall, is a solid reminder of why we need to return to real foods and natural approaches for cultivating good health.

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