283: Good Vibrations For Better Health


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"Good Vibrations" was the title of a song by a group called the Beach Boys from the 1970s. It was a catchy upbeat tune that instantly lifted your mood. But cultivating good vibrations when life can get overwhelming and depressing necessitates more than just a song. It requires internal & spiritual work to foster a healthy outlook and mindset. Biohacker Luke Storey, the host of the Life Stylist Podcast, is a motivational speaker, and a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. Today, he offers insights for developing good vibrations based on primal health and ancient spiritual practices that he’s applied in his own life.

Luke shares tools for dealing with negative emotions and crazy thoughts. He talks about what helps him deal with whatever life throws his way and how he cultivates true compassion and radical forgiveness. He also talks about how to handle vibrations/frequencies (such as non-native electromagnetic fields) that jeopardize our health on a number of levels.

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