305: Frontline Nurses Speak Out


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Unethical patient care. Families separated needlessly from loved ones. A rejection of treatment that could be life-saving. Frontline nurses speak out today about what they've witnessed first-hand in the health care system during this time of COVID. Global Frontline Nurses Erin, Olga, and Nicole discuss the medical malpractice and corruption that motivated them to raise their voices and risk professional ridicule and public criticism. They each became a whistleblower, concerned about ethics violations that included: scuttling of patients’ rights, families’ rights, and proper medical care. They discuss today the problem of financial incentives that are diametrically opposed to proper patient care, the rejection of treatments for COVID like the IMS ivermectin protocol, and more. What they share points to some serious cover-ups related to the truth about COVID in hospitals and care facilities. And the nurses’ bravery, speaking out against unethical treatment, is a call to all of us, whatever our profession, to use best practices and ethics and to ask important questions, even in the face of opposition and at great personal risk.

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