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Drew Wolitarsky

I’m a Renaissance soul. Can’t sit still. A little Canadian, a little American. I’m a traveling, rambling, vibing man.

Winnipeggers might know Drew Wolitarsky best for his work on the football field as a member of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, but he’s spending this pandemic-induced time off from being a pro athlete to hone his musical chops.

We talked about the disconnect some people might encounter hearing a football player baring his soul as a deeply personal singer-songwriter, about his love for Winnipeg (he’s about to spend his first winter here), his curbside gigs, and much more.

Note: I recorded this call in a different room than usual, which is why my side of the conversation is slightly shittier, audio-wise, than you’re used to. Definitely doesn’t ruin the quality of the chat, though!

This episode brought to you by the Gumshoe Strut’s new Heartbeat EP, and by Sean Burns, whose new album of truckin’ songs is raising funds for Times Change(d), where it was recorded.

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