WR531: The Bloodshots


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CJ Loane

Frontman of The Bloodshots

The Bloodshots

Grungy rock band from Selkirk.

It’s a new interview (it had been way too long!) with rock n’ rollers The Bloodshots!

We talked about their signing with Golden Robot Records, playing more layered, complex music, Winnipeg’s inherent weirdness as a place to play shows, and much more!

Note that one member of this band (sorry, Orvis!) is difficult to hear. It’s one of the hazards of doing these remote episodes with large groups – sometimes connections/devices/etc. can have an impact. It definitely doesn’t take away from the quality of the overall episode, though!

This episode brought to you by Rob Crooks, whose outstanding new album, Introducing the Ghost, is out now from Saskatoon Folk Rap Records, and by Boots & Saddle on CKUW, hosted by Sean Burns

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