Stop Giving Strategy Away and Turn It Into a Revenue Stream (Brooke Chapman and Jason Barnard)


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Brooke Chapman talks with Jason Barnard about stop giving strategy away and turn it into a revenue stream. Brooke Chapman is the Executive Director for ThreeBy3 and 9Boxes. Brooke has a proven track record of delivering strong commercial results for large organizations in the professional services and nonprofit sectors. She has experience in marketing strategy and business growth, customer experience, brand development, and team development and optimization. Most small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners take a very tactical approach to marketing, with fragmented ideas that can be far from the broader business goals. However, moving forward and achieving long-term business goals requires more than a tactical mindset. Long-term goals are critical, and every business needs a strategic marketing plan to achieve them. Brooke Chapman and Jason Barnard offer their extensive knowledge of the importance of fundamental marketing to any business in this insightful episode. Brook Chapman presents the four most important factors to consider when moving from a tactical to a strategic approach to marketing. Brook Chapman also discusses the "9Boxes," a marketing framework that is a proven and repeatable technique to help SMBs better understand the gaps in their overall marketing plan. The 9Boxes are divided into three sections: Find Boxes, Convert Boxes, and Deliver Boxes. As always the show ends with passing the baton… Brooke sweetly turns over the virtual baton to next week’s fantastic guest, Richard Nazarewicz. What you’ll learn from Brooke Chapman 00:00 Brooke Chapman and Jason Barnard01:05 Brooke Chapman’s Brand SERP in Australia01:40 Brooke Chapman’s Brand SERP in America02:10 The Kalicube Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel Support Group05:01 The Importance of Foundational Marketing for Every Business 08:14 From Tactical to Strategic Marketing: Four Key Elements to Consider08:24 First Element: Market Position08:57 What Does Market Position Mean?09:45 How Can the Market Position of a Company be Determined?11:21 When Should You Review Your Company's Market Position?11:40 Second Element: Customer Insights13:13 Third Element: Mapping the Customer Journey13:30 Fourth Element: Designing a Channel Mix14:13 Does Your Business Need to be Present on All Social Media Channels?15:59 9Boxes: Nine Core Areas of Marketing and Sales for Business16:34 Three Sections of the 9Boxes16:36 First Section: Find Boxes16:37 Box Number 1: Position16:39 Box Number 2: Capabilities16:53 Box Number 3: Channel17:00 Second Section: Convert Boxes17:03 Box Number 4: Buyer’s Journey17:08 Box Number 5: Communication17:14 Box Number 6: Starting Conversations17:29 Third Section: Deliver Boxes17:31 Box Number 7: Products and Services17:39 Box Number 8: Client Management17:46 Box Number 9: Client Service21:05 Conducting Gap Analysis26:51 Passing the Baton: Brooke Chapman to Richard Nazarewicz This episode was recorded live on video September 20th 2022 Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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