411 on Brand Marketing with Allie Francis, CMO of SuperOrdinary


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Since launching COZeCO this year, I have learned so much about marketing, direct to consumer business and general brand building. However, along with all this new knowledge comes a lot more questions! I sat down with Allie Francis, the Chief Marketing Officer for SuperOrdinary, to talk about tips and insights for running a successful marketing campaign and building a new business. SuperOrdinary is a global distribution partner and brand accelerator facilitating sustainable global expansion for amazing brands that I happen to LOVE including OUAI, Olaplex, Drunk Elephant, The Ordinary, Joanna Vargas, Biossance, and more. Allie comes in as an expert in brand building and integrated marketing. She specializes in evolving traditional marketing strategies into consumer-centric approaches to drive brand awareness and engagement on a global scale.

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