Mental Health Update: Don’t Be Afraid to Be Yourself


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It’s me, again! Here to answer a lot of questions you had for me about mental health. Per the norm, talking about all of this with you was so cathartic, so thank you for asking me!! I have recently come to understand that I battle with imposter syndrome. I honestly haven’t really known what that meant, but I definitely have it. Feeling like my life was handed to me on 'The Hills' and 'The City' has made me feel like I haven’t earned my career. The reality is that 100% isn’t true. I have made the life that I have for myself with hard work and I am proud of it. During this episode, I talk about imposter syndrome, my therapy journey, mantras that help me battle my inner voice, grief, and lots more. I hope this is helpful to each of you trying to find your way! Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

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