Stone Gossard on Pearl Jam's Legendary 'Ten' Gig


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On October 22, Pearl Jam will stream the April 29, 2016 Philadelphia show on Nugs.Net. The 32-song set includes Ten played front to back, newly mixed in stereo & 5.1 digital surround sound. You can stream the never-before-seen full-color HD footage from now until the 25th.

In advance of this show being available to the public, Pierre and Nick were able to have a conversation with Pearl Jam's rhythm guitarist, Stone Gossard. The conversation ranged from this concert in 2016, on April 29 (which also happens to be WMMR’s birthday), to their shows at the Spectrum, to their general love and appreciation for Philly and for WMMR.

It’s not lost on Stone how much Philly loves Pearl Jam. And though we may have suspected it before, Stone confirms that Pearl Jam loves Philly too!

Be sure to check out their concert from the Wells Fargo Center on And be sure to vote!

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