63: You Are Enough – 3 Ways To Own Your Worth On Social Media & Beyond


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What other people share on social media has nothing to do with your path.

In this solo episode, I share 3 ways to shift your mindset around comparison, how you express yourself and your work on social media, and the old belief that you’re “not enough”.

When I launched the first round of the Conscious Social Media Program, I had limiting beliefs in my head that it was too late to put out an online course.The program ended up being supported and promoted by way more people / podcasts / platforms I could have imagined, and I got even more students than I wished for – from The Numinous to Natalie Miles and The Dreamerie.

The enrollment for the next 8-week Conscious Social Media Program kicking off September 2 is now open on and is limited. Most likely, I will not be running it live again.

If you’re ready to take your online presence, your message, and your energy as a leader to the next level with the help of your inner tech (intuition) + outer tech (social media) + my presence and everything I know about building brands, positive impact and making money online, join me. ☄︎

Save your spot here.

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