96: Plug Into The Mystical Path In The Midst Of It All – DAVID HARSHADA WAGNER


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David Harshada Wagner was one of my first spiritual teachers who, through meditation, introduced me to the Mystical path. Completing a 9-month spiritual leadership training with David and going on a pilgrimage to India with him was something that shaped my path and how I show up in my life and business.

I’ve also assisted at and attended David Wagner’s retreats at Kripalu Retreat Center and couldn’t recommend them enough. Harshada’s approachable and pragmatic yet very mystical teachings are the real deal. I’m excited to share him with you!

In this special episode recorded during the Covid-19 outbreak, we speak about staying connected with your spiritual practice in the midst of it all.

We also cover:

  • How drugs brought Harshada to the mystical path
  • How to create a sacred practice
  • How to maintain the potency of teachings as a spiritual leader

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