West Midlands Hospital Radio - Episode 5 - Sexual Healing


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Hey! The latest episode of West Midlands Hospital Radio is here. And it is pure sauce. This week, in spite of public demand we break out of the broom cupboard, haul down our underthings and head south for the sexual health centre. Welcome, unexpectedly early, to the season finale of my radio career. What can you expect? Well, we’ve got more forgotten songs, more massive name dropping, and more drippy, droopy utterly grotty jesus Christ I can’t un-see it sex bombs than the new Moby autobiography. There's ethereal venereal chillwave, a planned parenthood pop punk party and…. yes a little bit of Johnny B Goode. This being sexual health week, you can expect some strong language and a lot of material intended for more mature audiences… but, you know, also ‘My Nuts’ by the Fat Boys. Wait! Come back!

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